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want plenty, but don't want left overs for weeks
Hi, planning on bbq chicken halves, baked beans, salt potatoes, veggie tray, watermelon slices, chips, dip, cake and beverages for 80 people. This will be a graduation party from 4 to 8. I want there to be plenty of food, but I don't want to eat left overs for weeks. I did that 2 years ago and now I'm a bit gun shy because I don't want to go overboard, but I don't want to look cheasy either.
bbq chicken halves, Halves (use small chickens), 1/2 each, 120-150 pounds raw for 100. Cut some into quarters
baked beans, 3 gallons per 100
salt potatoes, 40 pounds per 100
veggie tray, see the veggie tray page
chips, dip, 1 pound per 10 plus 1 quart dip per pound
cake- see dessert planning page
beverages- see beverage planning page

watermelon slices, 1/2 pound whole per person

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