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Wedding reception buffet
Hello Ellen,
I am trying to help my son and his fiance put together a wedding reception meal that is as stressless and inexpensive as possible. Their wedding will be the first week of April, 2013 just north of San Diego at my brother-in-laws ranchette. My thought was either a soft taco bar with both pulled pork and pulled chicken (and all the basic toppings) or a so-called Tex Mex buffet with pulled pork and/or pulled chicken sandwiches. I figured, baked beans, rolls, potato salad, possibly mac & cheese and green salad. I will cook all the meat. We are planning on 125 people with set-up and food service provided by friends as a wedding gift.
My question: how much of each item do you estimate I need and is it possible to do this for about $6.00 per person? Obviously this is food only. Drinks, plates and the cake are extra.
Thanks so much!
The taco bar with rice and beans, salad, and possibly enchiladas is the way I would go. See the taco bar page and write back.
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