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Red potato appetizer for 150
I have been asked to provide "red potatoes, cooked and cut into bite size with two or three different sauces to be served with toothpicks" many potatoes should I buy (many other items being served...cocktail buffet), should I boil or roast to be served with the toothpicks, and according to method of cooking, how far in advance can I make these to serve at room temperature (would really love to know if can be made day or two before?)...any dipping sauce suggestions. Thank you....
You want to end up with about 3 bites per person, which is 2-3 ounces, so about 1 pound per 5.

If you can manage a hot dip, a queso would be delicious.

Sour cream, with bacon and green onion.

Honey dijon (think about a good mustard potato salad)

Sour cream caviar style, with chopped egg and fish roe

Creamy shrimp dip.

They will stay on the toothpick better if roasted and still having some skin- get small potatoes.

If you roast the day ahead, run through the oven to dry a bit and take the chill off before serving.

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