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Dessert Reception
Hi Ellen, I am so thankful for any help. I am responsible for the food at my daughter's wedding reception in TWO WEEKS-for Aug 4th. This is a new assignment for me!
It will be a DESSERT RECEPTION for about 300 people. I've been searching for recipes of items that I can make now and freeze, as so many desserts need to be made/assembled at the last min and I can't do that with the volume I need. I plan to have cookies, brownies, and small parfaits, mini cheesecakes, creme puffs. I can buy a few of these things at Costco but I want to bake now and freeze some brownies, fudge, cake, cookies. Are there items that do not do well frozen? Or maybe I should say, what does well frozen. AND how MUCH do I need for 300 guests. She is having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake.
First, you need at least 20 people to set up serve and clean up this size party and they can't be you or any of the wedding party. Church ladies/kitchens, local diners, college or culinary schools are sources for help. Yes, you have to pay them.

Be sure you have coffee service as well as punch (dinner coffee, see the beverage planning page.)

You don't say what time, but it is useful to have cheese platters for those who need some regular protein- can be logs and spreads- artisan breads and crackers- 16 pounds cheese per 100, 10 pounds crackers/bread.

Fruit trays are also a helpful choice, sweet, but lighter. See the fruit tray page.

The dessert planning page for dessert buffets will help you with amounts for all the rest.

Make all the bars and cookies small, 2-3 bites, and have at least 1 of each per person for the most popular.

Take a look, make a tentative menu and post it. I will help.

Almost all cookies and bars freeze well. Check out the Christmas cookie sites for help on these.

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