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Cook Talk

Wedding reception for 200
Our daughter is getting married and we are preparing the food in advance so I am looking for how much of everything I need to prepare. The menu is pulled pork and shredded beef, cheesy potatoes and frozen corn. So I am wondering how many pounds of pork and beef I need to be preparing, how many pans of cheesy potatoes and if I want to freeze sweet corn into gallon bags how many bags would I need to freeze.
You need to have about 70 pounds ready to serve, which is about 85 pounds raw boneless. I would divide 50 beef, 35 pork.

See the discussion on cheesy potatoes at the bottom of the festive family brunch page for discussion on quantities of cheesy potatoes. If you have no other dishes, you will need plenty. I would add salad and a second veg.

Sandwich condiments are on the sandwich page.

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