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Chcicken scampi for 130 people
I am having my brother in-law (who is beginning to cater) cater my wedding of 130 people. I would like to do chicken scampi, but I'm unsure of how much chicken, linguine...etc. Also I want to do an Italian pasta dish as another main dish since I am on a very tight budget. Any imput would be helpful. Thank you!
Samantha,except for the baked pastas such as lasagna, mac and cheese, or manicotti, pasta dishes are not easy for buffet use.

So pick a baked pasta.

Everything I know about pasta for large groups is on the spaghetti page.

Scampi dries out on buffet service. A chicken in sauce such as chicken marsala or my orange dijon wedding chicken is a better choice.

Also rice, such as almond pilaf holds better.

You need about 3 people in the kitchen and 8 servers, all not wedding guests, to set up, serve and clean up this size party.

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