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Caribbean Dinner Party
Hi, I am planning a party for about 40 guest..
It is a Caribbean themed party, how many appetizers should I prepare,

I was thinking about 4 different appetizers.
Cod fish fritters with a sauce
Tostones with a sauce
grilled Brussel sprouts
Stuff plantain with black beans

How many of each dish below will i need to make ?
Ackee and Saltfish
Rice and Peas ,
Plain White Rice,
Jerk Chicken,
Stewed Oxtails,
Curry Goat,
Escovitch whole red snapper,
Mixed California blend Veggies,
Jamaican Callaloo Dish - this is similar to Spinach / collard greens

Do you think this is too much food? It is a Caribbean Feast of some sort.
Thank you.

Lisa, the appetizers are fine, but you have WAY too many entrees- this is not practical for 40-50 people.

For the appetizers, 3 bites of each per person would be ample.

Ackee and Saltfish- skip, or just 1/4 cup per person- this is an oddity and will not be popular unless the guests are actually Caribbean themselves- it is usually a breakfast dish...
Rice and Peas, 4 pounds dry rice, 3 pounds dry peas
Plain White Rice,Skip
Jerk Chicken,- 1 piece per person

Stewed Oxtails,
Curry Goat,
Do only one of these, about 1/2 cup per person

Escovitch whole red snapper, 1 pound per 5

Mixed California blend Veggies, 10 pounds

Jamaican Callaloo Dish - this is similar to Spinach / collard greens- 1 1/2 gallons

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