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Wedding for 150-175
I am planning a wedding menu for 150-175 people. I'm wondering if 40lbs would be enough chicken and beef for kabobs? Can you look over the menu and let me know how much I might need for each item to pull this off? I'm lost!

Meat and veggie kabobs (zucinni, corn, and mushrooms)
Chicken curry potato salad
Flat bread (LBS?)
Tabuli salad
Saffron rice (or something similar)
Motzerella and tomato salad
Green salad
Bacon wrapped asparagus
Bacon wrapped water chesnuts
Fruit platter (strawberries, grapes, melon, pineapple)

For breakfast the next morning (we are camping for our wedding) we will be serving oatmeal and would like to make it in crockpots. Any idea on how much oatmeal we would need for 110 people?

Thanks again!

Meat and veggie kabobs (zucchini, corn, and mushrooms)- Do the veggies separately, the meat will be overdone before the veggies cook.
This is not enough meat. I do 2 beef and 1 chicken skewer per person for parties, which is 4 chicken skewers or beef skewers per raw boneless pound,
Consider just roasting the veggies and serving at room temp. 20 pounds zucchini, 1 small corn, and 3-4 ounces mushrooms per person
Chicken curry potato salad- 40 pounds raw potatoes per 100
Hummus- 1/4 cup per 100
Flat bread (LBS?)10-12 pounds per 100
Tabuli salad- 1/2 cup per person
Saffron rice (or something similar)- 8 pounds dry per 100
Mozzarella and tomato salad- 8 pounds cheese, 12 pounds cherry or grape tomatoes per 100
Green salad- see plan for 100
Bacon wrapped asparagus- 3 per person
Bacon wrapped water chestnuts- 3 per person
Dolmas- 3 per person
Fruit platter (strawberries, grapes, melon, pineapple) see fruit tray page

See the breakfast planning page for help on the oatmeal.

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