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food for 175
We are making finger foods for my daughter's reception. It is a 6 pm reception. There will be 175 people there. The menu is smokies in bbq sauce, meatballs in sauce, tortilla ham wraps, pasta salad, chicken salad sandwiches on the little silver dollar rolls, cheese and cracker tray and a pickle and olive tray. Also how many drinks of tea and lemonade. Thank you.
Unfortunately, because this is a dinner time slot, people will not eat before they come, which more than doubles the amount of food needed compared to a later reception.

smokies in bbq sauce, 1 pound per 5
meatballs in sauce, 1 pound per 5
tortilla ham wraps, 2 pieces per person
pasta salad, 6-8 pounds dry pasta per 100
chicken salad sandwiches on the little silver dollar rolls, 2 per person
cheese and cracker tray- 16-20 pounds cheese per 100, 1 pound crackers per 10-12
pickle and olive tray- see the classic relish tray on the veggie tray page, do 3

I would definitely add fruit trays (see the fruit tray page) and at least one dip- 1/4 cup per person plus 1 1/2 ounces chips/crackers/bread per person

10 gallons lemonade.

10 gallons sweet tea.

4-6 gallons unsweet tea.

We have added a few guests to the previous amount of 175 with the same menu as above. For the smokies in bbq sauce, for 200 people does 40 pounds sound right? It seems like alot but I guess it is 200-210 guests. Thanks.
Yes, 40 pounds. You can open 30 and see how they go, then freeze the rest if not needed; butthey are popular, and usually are needed.
curry goat
fried chicken
maccaroni pie
Toss salad
curry chicken
fried fish

how much do i need of each

Joy, what is the event, how long will it last, how many people exactly, and are all these going to be served buffet style at the same meal? Write back.
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