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Wedding Reception for 175 people
My daughter is having a simple summer wedding, we only have the reception venue for a few hours so she wants to have vegetable and fruit trays available along with a variety of crackers available for snacks. We'll also have wedding cake. She'd like to have iced tea, and a punch. How many (empty) 16" round deli trays should I purchase, and about how many pounds of fruit and vegetables will we need? How many boxes of crackers, and should we estimate 2 forks, plates, spoons, cups and napkins per person? And how many gallons of iced tea and punch should we make? Do you have a recommended punch recipe?
Not enough food, Kathy.

Even for just mid afternoon snack, add cheese and crackers, one or two dips and spreads.

Your fruits and veggies and related dips are outlined in detail on the fruit tray page and the veggie tray page.

16 pounds cheese per 100, part can be logs or spreads. 1 pound crackers per 10-12.
1/4 cup dip or spread and 1 ounce bread of crackers per person.

Get 3 forks, 2 cake plates, 2 snack plates, 1 spoon 1.2 cups, 2 glasses, 4 napkins. Buy where you can return unopened packs.

16 gallons punch, 10 gallons sweet tea, 6 gallons unsweet.

See the punch thread for choices.

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