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reheating grilled chicken for party of 200
I am grilling chicken for 200 people for our wedding, we would like to grill the day before the wedding but we are unsure how to reheat the following day for the wedding. we would like to use nesco roasters but do not know how to put them in the roaster without drying them out. we will be making skinless chicken breast and chicken quarters with skin on. Should we reheat them in liquid and what type , for how long, do we wrap them in foil, we have about 300 pieces of chicken to grill and cannot do this the day of the event.
Dawn, grilled chicken does not reheat successfully. Look at the Orange Dijon chicken or the Chicken Marsala recipes on Big Pots, they are delicious, can be made ahead (even weeks ahead and frozen), and reheat and hold well.
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