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Cook Talk

Old address new house
Joy Lynn Pipito
Please HELP!! We had a house fire last year and are finaly back in. We are having a Old Address New House opening.. There will be about 100 people coming to a 3 hour event. Was thinkg of doing drinks & appitizers or buffet stlye foods. Dollor is tight since we still have to buy mors furiniture.. WHAT COULD I SERVE?????
If you schedule at 2 pm or 8 pm, they will eat less food.

How about a fiesta?

A taco bar would be an option that hits between appetizers and meal- if you add chips and nacho cheese and sliced jalapenos, people can go toward either tacos or nachos- this also allows a sangria type punch, which is an inexpensive drink for a crowd.

If done at a meal time, you add rice and beans-

Joy Lynn Pipito
Thank you! That sounds like fun. However I there are some I know my youngest daughter being one that are not fans of nachos or tacos at all.. not sure which side of the family she gets it from..lollol
Any other ideals? Invites have already gone out and time is set from 1pm to 4pm
Can you scream STRESSED!!

One of the interesting things about the taco bar is that the toppings are basically the same as a baked potato bar. Would you picky eater like a potato bar with chopped BBQ beef or creamed chicken and mushrooms as one of the toppings? You could even do both- taco shells and potatoes...

If not, maybe a Middle Eastern finger food bar with hummus and baba ganoush, pita and pita chips, olives, feta, stuffed grape leaves; cukes in yogurt; spanakopita and bakalava, which are expensive if you buy, but not too hard to make.

Or a fifties theme with little smokies in jelly, dips and spreads, Velveeta queso, sausage balls, etc?

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