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50th anniversary party
I'm planning a 50th anniversary party for about 65 people. 6 people will be children, 5 adults will be vegetarian, 30 or so will be around 75 years old. the rest will be between 30-50 years old.

Our menu is:
vegetable tray
scallops wrapped in bacon (passed)
melon wrapped in prosciutto (passed)
shrimp cocktail (passed)
mini-beef wellingtons (passed)

Then for buffet:
caesar salad
pasta fettuccine w broccoli
chic parm w/pasta
steak w mushrooms a carving station
green beans
pot au gratin

How much for each item should I have?

Thank you!

This is a very nice menu, the only suggestion I have would be to add one vegetarian option to the appetizers.

The seniors eat a little less than the average adult.

Our menu is:
hummus- 1/4 cup per person
vegetable tray- suggest relish tray instead, see classic relish tray on the veggie tray page, make one
scallops wrapped in bacon (passed)-2 per person
melon wrapped in prosciutto (passed)
shrimp cocktail (passed)-3 ounces per person
mini-beef wellingtons (passed)-2 per person
veggie bite (grape tomatoes with a basil leaf and a bit of fresh mozzarella? mushrooms? tiny roasted potatoes?) 3 per person

Then for buffet:
caesar salad- 1/2 the amont for 100 on the plan for 100 page
pasta fettuccine w broccoli- - 5 pounds pasta- some left
chic parm w/pasta- 10 pounds chicken
steak w mushrooms a carving station- 15 pounds raw steak, 1/4 cup mushrooms per person
green beans- 10 pounds
pot au gratin- 10 pounds potatoes

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