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Cook Talk

Wedding appetizers
Judy Hunt
We are having a wedding wedding with 200 guests.
We are serving a buffet dinner of roast pig with stuffing, potato salad, green salad, baked beans and rolls. For dessert, homemade pies, cookies, cheesecake.
We want to serve appetizers beforehand, cheese trays, fruit trays, veggie trays, smoked salmon.

How many trays of each?
Specifically, how much smoked salmon do we buy?

Usually, I allow 3 ounces per person for bagel type trays/ brunches, you could do 2 ounces and be fine.

10-16 pounds cheeses and about 8 pounds crackers per 100, some can be logs or spreads. For the fruits and veggies, see the fruit tray page and the veggie tray page.

I suggest you have one dish or side dish that can serve as an entree for those who don't eat pork/meat. With 200 guests, you will have some.

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