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simple breakfast for 130
thanks for this incredible resource!!
sorry for so many questions- i really appreciate your help

2 different days:
steel cut oats 20 cups?
with yogurt, fruit, toast, pb
how much honey as syrup for oats?
and, how much raisins/walnuts? 10 cups each?
and, how many boiled eggs on buffet? 60?

day 2,
corn/tomato frittata- 150 eggs? no cheese
also with yogurt, fruit, toast, pb


Day 1- 9 pounds dry cereal- you need some cold cereal, not all people eat hot.
For trimmings, per 100, 3 gallons milk or cream, 2 pounds butter, 3 quarts jam or jelly, nut butter, syrup, honey, powdered sugar. 3quarts each raisins and nuts.
You could look at the soft boiled egg info in the eggs FAQ on the recipe page. Any left can be hard boiled and used for lunch or dinner.

Day 2- recipe needs 9 dozen eggs per 100

thanks so much- sorry, but how much honey? were you saying 3qt of all: honey, nut butter? no maple syrup- just honey and milk for oatmeal...
Mielle Rose
sorry again,
does 60 eggs seem to be enough for this menu?
we probably can't do cold cereal, budget too tight...
If you do only honey, at 2 tablespoons per person, you need 12 pounds (1 pound per 11). Have you priced honey lately? It is about $4 a pound. You can do brown sugar, 1 pound feeds 16 and MUCH less expensive. Then you will have money for some cold cereal.

Best prep for steel cut oats is overnight; Boil the water, remove from heat, stir in oats and )cover. Safe to sit at room temp overnight. In am, bring to boil (allow 20 minutes per gallon, and STIR!), cook only 5-10 minutes, cover and let stand 10 minutes. Creamy and not pasty- try it with a small amount at home.

You can also use 3/4 the water to soak and use a juice or milk for flavor added in the AM before cooking.

Don't know if 60 eggs will be enough; I would do 10 dozen and use any leftovers at lunch or dinner.

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