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Cook Talk

School breakfast for 100
Brandy Lanier
Hello! I have to plan breakfast for 100 teachers & staff. My budget is under $200. SUGGESTIONS greatly appreciated!!! I have read the post on breakfast planning. Im not sure of costs though! We are wanting to do a "light" breakfast!
Brandy, do I need to tell you that this is a problem budget? The only way I know to do it is, if someone is willing to do a lot of from scratch baking. This is not breakfast, it is basically coffee and rolls.

When in a crunch, I use frozen bread dough. One loaf cuts 24 small or 12 large rolls, fills a 9" round pan. I usually turn them into cinnamon sticky buns.

Do 10- 12 full size loaves into rolls; to sub some, 2 quick bread loaves equals one full size loaf.

Do fruit trays for 100, see fruit tray page.

Do breakfast coffee. See beverage planning page. It includes tea, sugar, cream, etc.

Have 5-8 pounds of block cheese, 3 pounds butter, 2 quarts seedless jam.

If there is any money left, do some juice- 6 gallons, small cups.

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