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Wedding reception
I am planning a reception (400 people) for a friend's wedding. She has decided on sloppy joes, baked potato bar and salad. I would like to double check my quantities as I don't want to be caught 'short' on the day of the wedding. I have 150 lbs of ground beef, about 200 lbs potatoes, 48 lbs salad mix(spring greens at Sam's). have 5 tubs butter,4 tubs sour cream, 10 lbs cheese,8lbs bacon bits, about 6 gal. raspberry vinegrette dressing. Not quite sure how many gallons of sauce to get. Wedding is in 3 weeks. Please help!! Thanks!
Please check your potato quantities on the baked potato bar/ taco bar page. Salads and dressings on the plan for 100 page- you need to add at least one Ranch type dressing and one low fat. Don't know what kind of sauce you are asking about, but if it is for the sloppy joes, please see the sloppy joe recipe for 100 on this site.
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