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Wedding Dinner for 300
Bride to Be
I am planning a November 10th wedding reception. I have got the meat under control, but I need to figure out quantities of side items. I am thinking of serving these buffet style, but with servers actually dishing it out. In addition to either ham or turkey/dressing and rolls, how does the following sound?

Mashed Potatoes (90 lb)
Corn (66 lb)
Green Beans (66 lb)
Slaw (80 lb)

Oh... and if I go the dressing route, would 75 lb be enough?

Thanks so much!

Mashed Potatoes (90 lb)- I would do 120 for 300
Corn (66 lb)-OK
Green Beans (66 lb)-OK
Slaw (80 lb)-70 enough

Dressing is tough by weight, as some are mUCH heavier than others. You need about 9 gallons.

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