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Graduation party
Hi Ellen, thank you for this wonderful site! I am planning a graduation party for my daughter in two weeks. I was trying to go the least expensive route based on your site. The party will be about 150 people, whole families. Is a potato or taco bar cheaper? Also, if you do just a potato bar, what other food items would one need other than dessert, paperware and beverages. Party will be from 4-10 pm, come and go. Thank you so much for your time. I did think about sausage links and salad. Couldn't decide on type of bread. Trying to do the very least expensive as my parents are hosting it.
The costs are similar and for this many people, with kids and teens, the taco bar is a very popular choice, and allows a fiesta theme. The rice and beans cut the costs.

Be sure to see the home made taco seasoning recipe, saves a lot.

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