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First Large Scale Catering
Firstly, This is my first "large scale" production. Cooking is my passion, and I decided a year ago to leave my business degree behind and pursue it. So far, I have only catered luncheons, tailgates and smaller appetizer parties. I have a large family, so cooking for 40ish people at a time doesn't daunt me. However, now that I'm really DOING this, I'm doubting myself a bit and need some advice. Came across your site by accident and it has been a GODSEND just in the past few hours :)

Here's my problem/question: My bride is VERY set on her menu, which is as follows:

Meatballs & Mushroom/Beef Cream Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Baked Ham
A Cheesy Hashbrown & Onion Casserole
Buttered Parsley Egg Noodles
Salad Bar (Green Leaf/Romaine Lettuce, Ranch & Vinegrette w/all the fixings)

As well as veggie/cheese/spinach dip crudite'

For 85 people

I don't necessarily agree with the menu,as it seems heavy and starchy to me, but the bride is the boss of course. Can you recommend amounts to me? Right now I'm going for 15lbs ground beef, 30lbs potatoes, 35 lbs ham, 40cups corn, 12lbs salad, 1/2 gal each dressing, 100 (dry oz) egg noodles. Am I headed in the right direction?

This is perfectly OK, what I would try to do is get her to add fruit trays to the appies.

You want 1 pound meatballs per 3 PLUS 1 pound ready to serve ham per 4-5, so you are over on ham, under on beef.

18 pounds corn

check the salad section of plan for 100, use 3/4 the amounts.

Mash 25 pounds of potatoes, use about 15 pounds frozen shredded hash browns for the cheesy potatoes (see the discussion at the bottom of the family brunch page). No more than 8 pounds of noodles.

See beverage planning page for dinner level coffee.

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