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Beverages for wedding reception
I have used your website over and over again and always get the greatest information! But, I am confused about beverages for a friend's wedding I am helping to plan. It will be in the afternoon, so no meal will be served, although there will be a chocolate fountain and a few appetizer-type foods, like petite quiches. The bride wants to serve two types of non-alcoholic punch, tea, lemonade and water. There will be no alcohol served. We are expecting 150 guests. At this point, I am planning on 6 gallons of each type of punch, 6 gallons of tea (half sweet, half unsweet), and 6 gallons of lemonade. Do I need to adjust any of these amounts? the water will be in personalized bottles and we'll 300 6-8 ounce bottles.
That sounds about right quantity-wise.
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