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Hi all. I am in the very early stages of planning a wedding that will have a tight budget, like... 4500 tight, not including rings/honeymoon. SO, I am trying to do as much as possible myself as the bride is still in college has an internship and a part time job on top of that. So I have a firm and relatively simple idea of what I'm going to do for dinner. What I want to know is how much food she we plan for hor'dourves while we are having our wedding photos done? Any simple ideas that can be done ahead of time? I am thinking, chips, dips, salsa's, cheese, crackers, fruit. Maybe a limited amount of shrimp, Aldi's 1lb of frozen shrimp is $5 so like 10 pounds would be 500 shrimps. I know that isn't a ton, is it better to just not have them? Not everyone who would be coming likes sea food but were thinking around 100 give or take 20.
It is critical that you not run out of an item before everyone has some, so you need 1 pound shrimp per 5 people for whole shrimp. So you do a nice shrimp dip or spread, if you do shrimp.

You need 3 items plus a punch (2 punches if one is alcoholic). The High Wire white wine sangria on this site is a pleasant, inexpensive option.

Fruit tray- see the fruit tray page
cheese and crackers- 16 pounds cheese and 8 pounds crackers per 100
dip, spread- 1/4 cup per person, 1 pound crackers or bread bites per 12.

Now a couple of specific comments about the budget:

Mike, please read the wedding dinner article. The two MOST important things for the budget are selecting a service time that avoids a full meal- early afternoon for a tea party or dessert reception, or later evening for a dessert reception, or an early service for wedding breakfast or brunch; an limiting the guest list. If you pick a mealtime service time, you have to do a meal.

The other thing is, limiting the guest list. This is critical both for the budget and for your success in self catering.

Thanks for those guidelines. We do want to do a meal we are just trying to do one affordably. We will nix the shrimp though thanks.
Sorry one more question. So, I added up everything you said and a fruit tray and that comes to abotu 50 pounds of food for 100 people for Hor'dourves?? Half a pound seems like a lot of food to put into people right before dinner?
8 lb-crackers
12lb-dip (1/4 cup pp)
8 lb-crackers/chips ect for dip
5-6 lb fruit
Caterers figure 1 1/2 pounds plus, total for each person. If your meal is light, this is not a bit too much.
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