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Cook Talk

Party for 50
I am planning a birthday party for a dear friend. The hot menu consists of chicken picatta, beef burgundy, green beans and scalloped potatoes. We recently changed venues and will not be able to cook food on site--it will need to be transported. Also, there is only one standard size oven, 4 burners and a microwave. (A typical home kitchen.) Any advice on how to go about ensuring all hot foods are prepared and served to health standards would be appreciated. We do have chafing dishes, but they are the metal frames with aluminum inserts--not professional quality.
Thanks so much!
This is tricky.

I would get/ borrow one or two electric roasters, and do a roaster full of potatoes. Use the second one to heat bread/ rolls.

Green beans on the stove top, unless you do Greek style with tomatoes and onions, which can be oven.

Measure the oven racks, plan on chicken on one shelf and beef on the other, prepared the day ahead and refrigerated, then reheated tightly covered.

Time between 40 to 140 degrees, including prep, transport and service, is limited to 4 hours total. Everything is heated to 160 before being put into the chafers.

Have fun.

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