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baking mostacolli in big pan, how long
I have a large deep pan of mostacolli, pan is about 24x16 and about 6 inches deep. 10lbs of meat sauce, 4 lbs. of pasta, 4 lbs of cheese. Since all ingredients are cooked and been in fridge overnight, what temp should I use and how long to be hot throughout without drying
It is a real challenge to cook a pasta layer over 3 inches without a lot of drying out.

Optimum if it is not already assembled, is to heat the sauce on the stove top before assembling.

If it is already assembled, it needs to be fairly juicy. Preheat the oven for 20 minutes to 325; cover the pan very tightly with foil, bake about 1 hour for each 2 inches of depth. Without fail, check the center of the pan for a temp of 165. When it reaches this temp, turn oven down to 180 to hold. It holds fine, so start early.

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