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Cook Talk

Need help with sandwich servings
I am having a baby shower at 3 in the afternoon. I have abt 35 people that will be eating. I am having turkey and chicken salad sandwiches on rolls approx. 3" in diameter. I will also be having potato salad, fruit, baked beans, cheese, cookies and cake. I have 2 choices on rolls. They have 24 pk of wheat and 36 white rolls. So I can either do a pk of wheat and a pk of white for 60 rolls or 2 pks of white for 72 rolls. I don't mind having abt 10 extra for leftovers but don't want to have to throw a bunch out. So how many sandwiches would you think I would need and which way should I go? 60 or 72? It will only cost me $1 more for the 72. Will most people be happy with just the white?
For just 35 people, do 1 each.
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