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Cook Talk

Buffet fund raiser for 70 people
Having a party for 60 adults
Planed menu is
Macaroni salad, potatoe salad, Caesar salad
Home made meatballs, hot roast beef sandwiches
Baked ziti,
1/2 sheet cake. Cream puffs, eclairs, and fruit salad
Making everything myself and not sure how much to make of each. Please help
Maria, if 60 use 2/3 the amounts for 100, if 70, use 3/4.

Skip the mac salad if you are serving the ziti. You can add a marinated veg or bean salad, or a veg.

Fruit trays look better, keep better, and have more usable leftovers than fruit salads.

potato salad, about 3 gallons
Caesar salad, use the plan for 100 list
Home made meatballs, 1 pound per 4
hot roast beef sandwiches, 1 pound ready to serve meat per 4, 1/4 cup gravy per person, 2 slices bread
Baked ziti, 1 9x13 (1 pound pasta, 1 quart sauce) per 10

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