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Staff Appreciation Party
Having a casual, outdoor event to appreciate my staff of caregivers for the autistic. It will be 50 people, 6 PM to 9 PM. All adults (4 vegetarians/non-vegan and one gluten free), but no football players. Buffet menu planned is pulled pork sandwiches with 3 choices of sauce on the side (self serve) on seeded buns, turkey and cheese pinwheels (wrap slices-mustard/mayo on the side), coleslaw, 7 bean salad, pasta salad (primavera) with vinaigrette dressing, chips, veggie platter w/ranch dip, fruit tray (grapes and strawberries)with a cupcake assortment for dessert. Iced tea, bottled water, lemonade, plus coffee for dessert.
Have looked at your charts for 100...just not sure of portion size/quantities given that there are two sandwich choices and salads are
pretty filling. Offering multiple salads since the vegetarians will likely eat them as a main dish. Suggestions for how much of each? Or comments if I am missing something important.
Thank you.
Great idea.

pulled pork- about 10 pounds cooked, which is about 13 raw boneless pork shoulder
with 3 choices of sauce on the side (self serve) Total 1 gallon, 1/2 regular, 1/4 each of the others
seeded buns, 1 per person. Get 1 package of gluten free and the non-gluten person will be thrilled
turkey and cheese pinwheels (wrap slices-mustard/mayo on the side), 2 slices per person, see the sandwich page for help with the condiments

coleslaw, 1 1/2 gallons
7 bean salad, about 1 gallon
pasta salad (primavera) with vinaigrette dressing, 3 pounds pasta. Consider adding cheese chunks OR having a cheese tray with5 pounds assorted sliced cheeses, which allows even your vegetarians to have a sandwich

chips, 1 pound per 12
veggie platter w/ranch dip, see veggie tray page, or do the classic relish tray at the top of that page
fruit tray (grapes and strawberries), 1 pound grapes per 5, 1 quart strawberries per 8

cupcake assortment- with more than one kind, some people will take 2. About 35 with chocolate, 25 without

Iced tea, about 4 gallons, 1/2 unsweet unless in the south, 1/3 unsweet
bottled water, at least one per person
lemonade, 2 gallons, get 1 gallon "light", such as the Minute Maid in the juice section at the dairy department
Ice 1 pound per person plus chests

plus coffee for dessert dinner level coffee, 1/2 the amount for 100, see the beverage planning page

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I looked at the beverage page for dinner level coffee, and I don't find it. Sorry if I just missed it.
Thank you for the other information. Appreciated.
To follow up...I located a gluten free bakery today, so bought (as you suggested) gf hamburger buns. They also had gf cupcakes,so now she can enjoy dessert with the other guests. Great suggestion, thank you.

Have one more veggie (another rsvp came today). Decided to make veggie sloppy joes with morningstar farms griller crumbles. I asked them first, and they eat, now they can have a warm sandwich too.

Still not sure about the dessert level coffee. Figuring 30 cups. Because it's evening, I'm doing half caf...just in case.
Thanks again.

It is called dinner level coffee and it is the 3rd item on the beverage page. Good work on the vegetarian options.
Found it. Thank you.
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