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Italian Dress rehearsal dinner for 75
Ellen, Im catering an Italian dinner soon and need some help. We are having antipasti platters, spaghetti and meatballs, ravioli, and some baked dinners. I'm confused about the quantities needed for meat and cheese for my platters using 3-4 meats and 3-5 cheeses. I've tried to study your topic but I'm confused. Please help me!
Ellen, I should have given you the full menu.
Antipasti platter: 4-6 meats, 3-5 cheese, olives. Spaghetti and meatballs, 3-5 different ravioli with 2 different sauces. 4 (10x12) Baked Italian dinners. Salad, bread and pizzelles for dessert. I thought 10-15 lbs of sliced meats, 8-10 lbs of sliced cheese, 2-3 lbs of olives. Ravioli for total of 2-3 per person. 15 lbs of pasta with approx 4-5 gallons of sauce. Each tray should provide approx 10-12 servings. Salad should be approx 3 oz per person and bread should be approx 9 1-lb loaves. Please let me know if I am close on my figures. Thanks!!!
With this rich meal, I would use the quantities for the antipasto appetizer on this site as a guide for the platter:

Scroll all the way to the bottom! I would definitely include some of the suggested pickled vegetables.

I would do 2 platter's worth.

You will probably be a little long on the sauce; people WILL take the ravioli sauce for the pasta if it is special.

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