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Cook Talk

Family dinner for 20
I'm making a family dinner for a special aunt.Menu will be
Caesar Salad
Smothered Steak
Mashed Potato Bar
Steamed Broccoli
Cranberry Sauce
Crescent rolls
with my family,everyone arrives at different times,so I usually serve appetizers for those early birds to have something to do,any ideas?
My Aunt mentioned steak,but I can't afford to grill steaks for everyone so that's why I'm making smothered steak using round steak or sirloin(less than ribeye)
I thought a mashed potato bar who be something different than just plain old mashed potatoes.
How much steak do I need? how many potatoes?
Top sirloin in choice grade can be broiled or grilled, especially if marinated. Alow 1/2 pound raw per person

For Smothered steak, top round or top sirloin are both fine. Allow 2 pounds raw for 5 people.

The potato bar and toppings table can be used for a mashed potato bar. I make 50 pounds raw potatoes for 100, so go for 10 pounds.

With this menu, a fruit tray and a hot dip with bread such as a baked artichoke dip would be fine choices for appetizers.

Thank you for the information,I appreciate it!
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