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Wedding Buffet for 200 adults + 40 kids
Wedding reception for 240 people
Will this list cover a buffet-style reception for 200 adults + 40 children? Food service begins at 7 p.m.

400 egg rolls
500 fried shrimp
200 Asian pork sandwiches
450 Mini Phyllo Bites w/shrimp salad
300 Asian mini wonton cups
Cheese and spinach spread with crackers, 150 servings
Fried rice (quantity?)
Chips, 7-20 oz. bags
Dips for chips, 6 qts.
Veggie Tray: 5 lb carrots, 3 lbs celery, 3 qts cherry tomatoes, 8 cukes, 3 lbs broccoli, 4 lb cauliflower
Dips for veggies: 6 qts
Fruit Tray: 10 lbs grapes, 5 lbs berries, 6 lbs pineapple
Dips for fruit: 4 qts
Pickles & olives: 1 gal each
Cheese tray w/crackers: 9 lb crackers, 15 lb cheese
Green salad: 7 heads lettuce
Dressing for green salad: 2 bottles of 4 types
Nuts: 6 lbs
White sangria: 10 gallons
Keg beer: 3 kegs
Iced tea: 10 gallons (2:1 unsweet to sweet)
Iced water: 12 gallons
Coffee: 4 lbs regular; 2 lbs decaf
Soft drinks: 4 cases of 24 ct.
Ice: 50 lbs plus ice for kegs
Sugar: 2 lbs
Cream: dairy 4 qt non-dairy 2 qt.
Lemons: 24 ct.
Thank you!

Kate, you need an entree dish for this; all the bites are fine, but you need a stir fry to top the rice. I would do heavy veg with chicken, given the rest of the menu, 50 pounds chicken. For the rice, 15 gallons.

You need to double either the spinach dip or the chip dips.

Add melons or other fruit to the fruit, 15-18 pounds.

Nuts, 12-15 pounds

I would increase the sangria to 15 and decrease the beer to 2 unless this is a very heavy beer drinking crowd. Tea to 15- tea is cheap, running out is inconvenient.

Soft drinks, 1/2 cola, part sugar free

Increase ice to 200 pounds for all the iced drinks

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Ellen, Thank you for your insight. I will be happy to support the site.

This is a multi-cultural wedding and, from the menu I listed above, the groom's side of the family is providing:
fried shrimp
pork sandwiches
They have decided it is impractical to provide the fried rice.

My caterer is providing the:
Phyllo Bites
Mini Wonton Cups
Cheese and Crackers. Her proportions cannot be altered at this late date (the wedding is Saturday the 20th).

This is meant to be an appetizers only food service. Knowing that, and since there isn't an entree or, at this point, the starch, could you recommend changes in proportions or something that would be easy to plug in to this menu. I am working 180 miles away from the venue and there is no kitchen and very little refrigeration on site, so whatever I do has to be hauled in ready to serve.

Thank you.

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