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Cook Talk

40th Birthday party
We are planning a 40th birthday party for 70 adults. The menu will consist of the following:

Keilbasa & sauerkraut
Stuffed shells
Spiral Ham
Sliced Roast beef for sandwhiches
Roasted potatoes
String beans almondine.

How much food should I prepare for the above menu( pounds per item would be ideal)

Susan, this is too many meats/entrees to gave a good estimate for this few people. Skip at least one of the meatballs or ham, and you could skip both.

Prepare 1 large or two small shells per person.
1 pound sausage per 5, 1/3 cup kraut per person (you will have some left)
1 pound deli sliced ready to eat roast beef per 5.
One pound meatballs or ham could be added for each 6, but you would have enough without, and you don't get to cut back on the others if you add; otherwise, something will run out before everyone gets their first choice and that makes people grumble.
30 pounds potatoes- probably some left.
16 pounds green beans.

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