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Cook Talk

200 people
Baked chicken,beef roast,pork roast,and veggie lasagna
Rosemary potato, green beans, cabbage casserole and sweet potato casserole ,toss salad ,dressings

For meet&greet pinwheel ,fruit & veggie tray ,cheese tray chicken drummie , chip , tea sandwich dipping sauce
This is for 200 people

Gladdis, is this one event or 2?
Trying figure out how much food would be needed for 200 people menu Wing Dings, Bacon, Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Fried Biscuits, Muffins & Danishes. Fruit Grapes, Strawberries, Pineapples & Melon

Orange Juice, Sparkling Water, Coffee, Tea

For one event

This sounds like an unusual event

Wing Dings, that's an interesting choice, 2 per person
Bacon, do for 150
Sausage, do for 150
Scrambled Eggs, see breakfast planning table for amount, and scrambled eggs that hold, for recipe
Fried Biscuits, these are a LOT of trouble for this large a crowd. People like the baked ones just as well- and they are much simpler to prepare. With the other breads, 1 per person. Butter and jam or honey
Muffins, get minis, 2 per person
Danishes, get small ones, 1 per person.

I would add cup yogurts or the making for yogurt parfaits and some boxed cereal, unless you are certain no one would want any.

Grapes, about 25 pounds
Strawberries, about 8 quarts
Pineapples- do for show, basically, split into 10-12 sticks, 1 stick per person max
Melon, do slices, ala fruit tray, not quarters; about 1 per ten

Orange Juice, 4 ounces per person if pre-packaged. Have some tomato, grapefruit, cranberry and apple juice as part of the choice.
Sparkling Water, 1 serving per person
Coffee, Tea see beverage page, breakfast coffee

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