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reception for 150
Hi. I am going to be getting married next and we are having a hard time trying to figure out the food and the alcohol.
1- we are on a very limited budget, and pricy catering is not an option. my parents suggested only doing cake and mints, however, i have had my heart set on a dinner at our reception for a while. I would still like to be able to do a dinner. I am not at all opposed to fixing things myself as far as food, but we are needing some ideas of what would be cheap and yummy.
2- we are looking at having our reception at a vfw hall. we know there is no way we can afford an open bar. So we are trying to find a way that we can still have alcohol at our reception but not break the bank.

If you have any ideas they would be appreciated.

thanks, ashley and ozzy!

Yes I can help, but you will have to budget about 10 per person for a dinner. Is that within reach?
For a nice drink, you will want a wine based punch, such as a sangria or if cool, mulled wine.
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