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Purple punch for wedding
I am looking for a purple punch. Not burgundy in color but a deep purple, like Welch's grape juice. I'm unsure of the number of people for the wedding as of now, but I will need to make 2 different batches-one low in sugar or sugar-free. I don't think we will be using a fountain, I would love to use a sherbert, love the creamy taste, but I know that will lighten the color. Please help...
Teresa, the main reason that I don't recommend red or purple punches for weddings is that everyone is dressed up, they always get spilled, and they are hard to get out of most fabrics.

That said, why not use the Welch's as the base for your punch? Half juice, half grape or clear soda or soda water- a lemon-flavored sparkling water would be a good choice-

No help on the sugar free, though.

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