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Wedding for 250
My son is getting married in June and since we are on a tight budget, we are doing the reception meal on our own and want to do something simple as well as inexpensive. We are guessing around 250. Dinner is at 5 pm, this is the menu we have planned
Pulled Pork(using Pork Roasts, smoked by a friend, kept in roasters) 125 lbs
Large Rolls
Meatballs & cocktail smokies in bbq sauce ?lbs
Pasta Salad 10 gallons
Plain Potato chips 20 bags
Simple Veggie Tray
Debating on a 2nd side dish, maybe baked beans.

I am a cake decorator so am used to doing quantities for cakes and drinks, but this is my first time doing a meal of this size, can you help with the quantities, am I close? Also can you suggest a simple pasta salad?
Thank you.

Please read my article about catering your own wedding dinner.

Definitely a second dish and beans are a great choice with this menu, you might consider the cowboy beans on this site for something a little unusual.

The best roast for pulled pork is shoulder or fresh ham, not loin.

Cocktail smokies cost about twice as much as sliced regular sausages. 1 pound per 5 people, either meatballs or sausage, you don't need both.

I would add 5 gallons vinegar slaw.

5 gallons chip dip.

Maybe fruit tray instead of veggie tray? Either one, see the related page on site.

You need sandwich trimmings, see the sandwich page.

Rest is good.

Thank you.
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