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Boxed wine?..
ThWe are planning a wedding reception in our home. Your suggestions and quantities guides are wonderful. We will do the usual meat, cheese, veggie, fruit, bread, cracker trays, plus a number of other appetizers and a few sweets. We will have coffee an effort to keep it simple a few wines. I would like to do boxed wines as I think it would be easy to serve and store and not take up space like questions are..
1. Are there good boxed wines that you recomend? I like most future spouse doesn't drink anymore but remembers boxed wines as cheap and shoddy...if its good wine it shouldn't matter if it comes from a box, should it?
2. I like dry wine but know most people don't ...what mix of wines would you recomend?...I need more guidance than just white and red...
3. We are going for simple, comfortable, yet classy...Christmas decor...I could gift wrap the boxes, cut out for the spigot and add a classy tag for the wine could work, couldn't it?

Thanks for your help

Cheryl, the best move for box wine is to get it out of the box; wine punches; sangria (see the white wine sangria on this site); or carafes. Here are the 14 recommended from real simple magazine:

However, most of these work out to about $7-9 per bottle. What all do you want?

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