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How do I cook 20 bunches of collard greens
I have one large white pot, and need to make at least 20 bunches of collard greens. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this.
I need to know all the ingredients and how I can cook 20 bunches of collard greens with one large white pot.
Renee, you have already figured out you can't cook these all at once. Make sure to choose dark green leaves with no wilting or yellowness.

First, if you have regular bunches, they take a LOT of rinsing to get all the sand out. Many people use the washing machine on cold water to do large amounts of greens.

You then need to trim off the thick part of the stems, I strip off part of what is on the leaf, as well as what hangs off the end. These are too chewy if left on.

Then you chop into 1 inch squares, approximately.

Then you put some ham hocks in the bottom of the pot with water, and simmer 30-60 minutes. You want the ham hocks to be falling apart before you add the collard greens. Pack in the greens, cover, and simmer until they shrink to about a fourth of how they started. Takes about 45-60 minutes.

What I would do faced with 20 bunches, is make a white pot full of ham hocks, simmered, all at once, while I was prepping the greens; then use a portion of broth and meat for each batch.

I add about 1/4 cup white vinegar, a tablespoon of seasoned salt, a tablespoon of red pepper flakes and a little garlic or onion to each batch. Matter of preference.

Chill. Reheat over a medium heat before serving.If the oven is free, you can put them all in a roaster and reheat covered in the oven at about 325 for about an hour, stir once or twice.

The above prep is why many people, including me, often start with frozen chopped greens.

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