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cherry syrup for ice cream

I'm serving vanilla ice cream in plastic champagne glass(1 scoop should do) for the luncheon for 120. You suggest using 4-5 half gallons of ice cream. My? can i make a tasty cherry syrup from the light syrup of Morello cherries mixed with cherry preserves? I would combine the two and simmer or cook down for 10 minutes. I would then strain mixture to pour liquid into squeeze bottles to use for prepping ice cream. I would like to prepare and store syrup for a week in fridge before event. Will it affect the pectin in the syrup? I would use the morello cherries over the dessert and squirt the sauce over the ice cream/ How many jars of preserves? how many 16 oz. bottles of Morello cherries? They are usually found at Trader Joes. Please have a great Thanksgiving. I can wait for an answer after the holiday. My event will be December 3. Thanks, Stracie

I would not mix with anything, but rather drain the light syrup, cook it down to 1/2, add the cherries back (to warm them) and serve over the ice cream. I would expect about 6 servings per pint jar, if I were very careful; 5 is closer to correct for untrained help. And you definitely need 5 gallons of ice cream, not half gallons; the half gallons are only for small ala mode accompaniment for pie or cake. See the sundae page.
By the way, you might consider a drop of almond extract or a sprinkle of toasted almonds to set off these lovely cherries.
Here is an homemade cherry syrup and cherry recipe which will cost you less than store-bought.

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