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boxed scalloped potatoes in electric roaster
Wanting to make 4 boxes of scalloped potatoes in an electric roaster. I am wondering if I follow the directions on the box for the amounts of milk & water and cooking time or do have to change it what would the changes be?

Thank you

Yes, you can do this.

These pans work best whan at least 1/2 full. Not sure how big your boxes are; if much less than 1/2 (about 8 quarts total) consider using a casserole inside the roaster.

If using the roaster cooking pan directly, heavily coat the cooking pan with non-stick spray and dust with plain old grated Parmesan

Preheat the roaster to temp (20 minutes) before adding the potatoes in the cooking pan.

Expect that they won't get crispy on top or around the edges, and will probably be a little more moist/ slurpy than from a regular oven.

Needing to make 3 large boxes (36 servings each) of Au Gratin potatoes in my big electric roaster. First question is ideas on enhancing the flavor? Also, at what temperature and how long to cook?
This is the right amount for 2 roasters (Actually 1 1/2, but...). In one roaster, too deep and therefore soggy and longer cooking.

To improve flavor, consider adding 2 pounds of shredded sharp cheddar per box and maybe some grated Parmesan, and then topping with canned French fried onions the last 1/2 hour of cooking. I usually add dried parsley, about 1 cup per roaster but some folks object to green anything in their potatoes.

Do see the notes above about prepping your roasters and remember that two roasters on the same circuit will blow most household circuits.

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