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cooking for 300
Hello, how many pounds or ounces or whatever is needed for cooking fresh string or green beans
Also anyone have any idea of how much 20 lbs (320 ozs) cheddard cheese for ma and cheese would cost(know prices vary state to state) am in Florida
Hello Ms. Ellen I think I posted my main question to you correctly some where else on your site, thought this was a forum of some kind for quick answers from other individuals. Just in case other mail went wrong place I asked you if you could help me with, cooking for 300 people in a couple months, biggest gathering yet. Normally 50-100 people was ok but this time is wow! So any suggestions on how much is needed for a sit down plated event for 300 people serving baked mac and cheese, seasoned rice dish, fresh cooked string or green beans. Was easy guessing the meat amount. So need ounces, pounds or whatever is correct for mac and cheese(pasta, cheese, eggs, evaporated milk), rice, string or green beans. Oh by the way your site is the best I have seen and the easiest to use without all the ads and spiral staircases to go through for simple answers. I, we all appreciate how helpful you are. Dont mind donating to such a helpful person. Thank you again, Marcella
Hi, Marcella,

baked mac and cheese,
seasoned rice dish,
for these two starch dishes, the amounts depend on the meat choice and whether there is bread, appetizers, etc.. What else are you serving?

fresh cooked string or green beans.
24 pounds fresh per 100, ready to cook, so about 27-28 pounds with the tips before trimming.

Please tell me more, write back on this thread.

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