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Anniversary Party
I'm having an afternoon party at a club house for 100 people. My plan so far is to make:

1 full tray sausage & peppers
2 full trays baked zeti
2 full trays eggplant parm
1 full tray Swedish meatballs
1/2 tray white rice
1 full tray kielbasi & sauerkraut
1 full tray lemon chicken
1 full tray broccolirab & sausage
2 6' heroes
10 lbs. potato salad
2 lbs (dry) pasta salad Makes about 6 lbs
large toss salad

Is this enough or too much food.
Thank you Pat

Pat you have more than enough food for a full meal time meal for 100. If it is a mid afternoon (2-5 pm) reception, cut all my recommendation below by 20%.

This is how I would sort this out:

1 full tray sausage & peppers-serves 25
1 full tray Swedish meatballs-serves 25
1 full tray kielbasi & sauerkraut-serves 25
1 full tray lemon chicken-serves 25
1 full tray broccoli rab & sausage-serves 25
2 6' heroes- each serves 25= 50
Entree (dinner size) servings for 150. You could eliminate the heroes or 2 trays of the others. Consider turning one into straight veggies- broccoli, broccoli rab, etc.

2 full trays baked ziti-50
2 full trays eggplant parm-50
1/2 tray white rice-15

OK, but another veg tray would be very nice

10 lbs. potato salad- for this size crowd, I make at least 3 gallons, even with the other starches
2 lbs (dry) pasta salad Makes about 6 lbs- I would not do less than 4 pounds, since you only have 2 trays of ziti
large toss salad- fine, see the plan for 100 table for help on amounts and dressing.

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