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How much spaghetti sauce for meatball sandwhiches
I'm part of a fire company and we are hosting a ice rescue/ marsh walk class for approx 40 people. All adults, mostly men. I am planning on making meatball sandwiches, 2 6" rolls with 3 meatballs per person. I need to know how many #10 cans of sauce we would need. I'm planning on cooking the meatballs the evening before and will be reheating them in a Nesco roaster the day of. I will be serving chips with them. Nothing else really. I have found that they aren't big salad eaters.
Any suggestions?
A number 10 holds 12 1/2 cups. You need about 14- so one #10 and 1 number 2 1/12 is an option. You would be able to reheat easier in 2 #10's, but would have some left- on the other hand, tomato sauce is cheap, and the leftovers would be very tasty after simmering the meatballs for a couple of hours...

How about adding a marinated bean salad, Texas caviar or slaw? These are usually popular with a sandwich lunch, inexpensive, and provide essential fiber and vitamins. You would only need about 6 quarts, a gallon and a half.

Thanks so much! We have plenty of frozen meatballs and #10 cans of spaghetti sauce. We have an annual all you can eat spaghetti dinner at our fire house. But this year Hurricane Sandy had such a devastating impact on our community that we had to cancel it. So my goal is to use up the stuff that was already purchased :)
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