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Cook Talk

plan for 60
I have to provide a lunch for 60 teenagers - but the catch is that I will have to make it and transport it to where the high school meeting will take place about 20 minutes from my house - I need some suggestions (there will be nothing there to cook it or heat it up, so if warm, I will have to use crock pots)
Hero type sandwiches are a good choice, as you can do all the prep ahead, let them add the mayo, mustard, etc on site. Amounts discussed on the sandwich page. Potato salad or pasta salad, a couple of cheese only for the vegetarians on top of the 60, and don't forget the attending grown ups, who usually also expect lunch.

Or, the baked potato bar with one hot topping of shredded meat or chili done n crock pots, and the potatoes kept hot as discussed on the potato bar page. For teens, get big potatoes- they come 60 or 80 to the case from produce wholesalers, best buy compared to grocery stores.

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