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Cook Talk

Inexpensive reunion menu for 50 having a catered BBQ lunch with BBQ chix and other bbq foods in the afternoon, would it be too much to serve roast chix quarters that evening for dinner along with sliced ham, sweet potato casserole, Mac & cheese, tossed salad, stuffing and gravy? Thinking roast beef will be too expensive and hard to cook ahead as I will be busy most of the day. Can I roast the chicken quarters in the morning and reheat that night?

The sweet potatoe casserole I will prep and freeze ahead then cook that day as well. Stuffing I will cook ahead and reheat,

We are having a Italian meal the night before as our meet & greet and usually do a more formal meal on Saturday night but it has to be cheap and diy. They don't like Mexican, or TeX mex.

What about turkey and ham? Not expensive. Cook the turkey ahead completely, then reheat safely using the reheating method discussed in the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots.
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