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Cook Talk

how much to prepare
Iam haveing a wedding meal, hot beef on bun,cold turkey on bun, broccoli salad, wheat salad, macarooni much of each to prepare for 400 guests.
I hope this is not the only food- you need at least 4 stations of appetizers as well for this many people, as well as at least 5 people in the kitchen and 20 servers to set up, serve and clean up. At least 5 serving lines, up to 8.

In addition, you need a commercial kitchen and walk-in cooler to keep the food stored safely. This is over 500 pounds of food.

hot beef on bun, 4 ounces cooked beef per person (2 pounds boneless raw per 7) with 1/4 cup gravy per person
PLUS cold turkey on bun, 3 ounces cooked per person. See the turkey yield tables for yields on various cuts of turkey.
1 1/2 buns per person, 2 if small.

You need sandwich condiments, see the sandwich page, plus 1 ounce cranberry jelly per person.

broccoli salad, 80 pounds broccoli plus fixings
wheat salad, 6 pounds dry wheat per 100 plus fixings
macaroni salad, 6 pounds dry per 100 plus fixings

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