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Wedding Nachos 350 people
My son wants nachos for the refreshments at his wedding. We are planning for 340-350 people. We are using the nacho boats from Costco to serve them. There will also be cake. I read on a site that 8 lbs/100 people would be the correct amount, but after looking at your site I saw that 8 lbs would be enough to serve with sandwiches. I feel like 8 lbs/100 would not be enough for nachos. It will not really be a meal but just refreshments. What amount of chips would you suggest? We are using a fountain for the cheese. I got 9 #10 cans of nacho cheese sauce. I am wondering if I need a couple more. I would love some advice.
Tonya, what time is the reception and how long will it last? It is VERY unlikely that "just nachos" will be satisfactory for most of your guests; most would expect at least beans, taco meat, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa and guacamole with the chips. These would be in the amounts indicated on the taco/potato0 bar page.

I would go with 18-20 pounds chips per 100.

9#10 cans is less than 1/3 cup per person. I use 4 #10's per 100 minimum for a plateful per person.

The reception will be from 7-9. I was planning jalapenos (3 #10 cans) and sour cream (2 1/2 gallons) and salsa (3 1/2 gallons). Would I need beans and meat? Could I do one or the other?
Hi, Tonya.
The difficulty with this time slot is that most people will not eat dinner before, and will be hungry when they arrive.

You can do whatever you like, but I would definitely do both meat and beans. 2 #10 refried or borracho beans per 100, 20-25 pounds ground meat per 100. I would also offer shredded lettuce, about 10 pounds per 100, for the option of salad or a taco salad.

Fruit trays would be the perfect accompaniment. See the fruit tray page.

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