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wedding food for 90
hi. i am having a bit of trouble invisioning how much of things i need. i bought a bunch of 15 litre pails.
dinner menu
green salad ??
potato salad x 35lb potato
chicken larger x20
baked beans x24cans
roasted veggies(carrots peppers cauliflower) ?
buns 120

so if i filled the 15L pail with lettuce and tomatoes, cukes etc would that be enough for everyone. and also roasted veggies if a brought a full pail full would that be enough??

thanks in advanced

15 liters is about 4 gallons US, or one electric roaster. This serves about 50 for most entree items, 60-90 for side dishes. So you would probably have no salad left, be about right for roasted veggies, plenty of baked beans, very close or a little short on potato salad. No idea what chicken larger is? See the plan for 100 table for advice on amounts of different cuts of chicken.
thanks. that helps alot.

didnt know the exact weight on the chickens(thus the "larger")haha. was mainly worried about the salads and veggies.

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