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Partial wedding self-catering
Thanks so much for this wonderful website! I'll be partially catering my daughter's May wedding for 100 guests and would really appreciate feedback on our proposed quantities and menu. We have a caterer who will do pit beef sandwiches (1/4 lb) and crabcakes (4 oz). We will self-cater the following sides and desserts:
Mediterranean couscous salad with preserved lemon-1/2 cup
Grilled asparagus - 4 spears
Black-eyed pea salad with sun-dried tomato and feta -1/4 cup
Corn salad with tarragon and green onions-1/4 cup
Sliced tomatoes with fresh basil and goat cheese -2 slices
Brownies (2), assorted cookies (2) strawberries - 3 berries

Do the quantities and variety sound OK?
Many thanks

Pleasant menu. You do need to add an appetizer table with about 3 items and a punch (or two if one is alcoholic)- a fruit tray, a cheese or hummus tray, and a nice spread or dip would be fine- for the hour while pictures are done and the meal is setting up.

Also, if it is buffet, people will take more asparagus than that, and more tomatoes.

Also, consider a vegetarian entree option, such as a grilled un-burger, 8-10 would be plenty.

You will have cake?

It occurs to me that with this interesting menu, yo9u might like to add the Nepalese potato salad on the slaw and salad page, near the bottom.

Thanks very much for the feedback! Good to know that I'll need more asparagus and tomatoes. I'll also explore adding a grilled veg burger option.
We will have a cheese/cracker/dips appetizer table during the cocktail hour. No wedding cake per the bride's preference. Instead we'll have a table with family recipe brownies and cookies (baked and frozen ahead) along with a big bowl of strawberries (served with turbinado sugar and creme fraiche). I will check out the Nepalese potato salad.
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