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Cook Talk

Wedding and reception
I am hosting a wedding and reception at my home in June of 2013. The wedding is at 2 pm and is pool side. I will be doing the food myself and thought about chicken salad and croissants, cheese tray, meat tray, various crackers, etc....Can you give me more suggestions and tell me the amounts I will need? There are 65 guests invited.
I would do an appetizer table with fruit trays, see the fruit tray page; the cheese tray with 1 pound cheese per 10 and 1 pound crackers per 15; one other tasty dip or spread with bread or toast or chips.

"Dinner table", do reception level chicken salad for 1/3 of 100, see plan for 100 page; reception level sandwich meat tray for 50; about 8-10 pounds of bread and rolls. A punch, or 2 if one is alcoholic.

I would do sandwich condiments from the sandwich page and one or two heavy salads (potato, pasta, mixed bean); a veg such as room temp roasted vegetables or artichoke salad. Amounts will vary depending on what you pick.

When you settle your menu, you could write back for help with amounts.

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