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baby shower for a party of 60
I m catering a. Baby shower for a party of 60
They. Want. 1/2. Tray chicken parm
1 full tray of ziti
1/2 tray meatloaf
1/2 tray pennee ala vodka
1 tossed salad
What would be the correct recipe portions to sucessfuly cater this event
Not enough food for a luncheon. A standard half tray is only about 12 entree servings, a full tray about 25.

1/2. Tray chicken parm- 1 1/2 needed
1 full tray of ziti
1/2 tray meatloaf- 1 needed
1/2 tray pennee ala vodka- 1to 1 1/2 needed
1 tossed salad- use 1/2 to 2/3 the amount for 100, see plan for 100 for help on dressings

Need bread- 6 pounds, ketchup for meatloaf

It is ALWAYS the cater's fault if you run out of food, even if you bring exactly what they ordered. Don't ruin your long term rep by using a too low estimate on the food.

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